The Journey Begins


Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


  The quote above was chosen for this blog by default. I decided to just let it be, use it and go with it. Izaak Walton was the author of the book The Compleat Angler which was first published in 1653. This book is a challenge for modern reader like me because of its ancient language and was about the archetypal celebration of the joys of fishing and timeless advice and instructions for catching, eating, and savouring all varieties of fish. More than this intricacies, Izaak Walton’s reflective writing is an elegant portrait of rural England that rhapsodizes over the pleasure of country life. To quote the novelist Thomas McGuane –  ” The Compleat Angler is not about how to fish but about how to be. Walton spoke of an amiable mortality and rightness on the earth that has been envied by his readers for three hundred year.” I  have faith and hope that you will keep me in good company as I embark on this long journey. May we have a delightful journey together.

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