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“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”~ Philippians 4:13 ~

In life, there are many hurdles to overcome. Physical, mental, emotional, financial and spiritual – hurdles are everywhere. If we are not strong enough in all aspect how are we suppose to overcome and win this race called life? Should we trust our own resources, our own strength, our own plans and goals? Hurdles are challenges, obstacles, difficulties, problems, barriers, obstructions in life that we need to conquer. Some are simple, easy but most of the time they are big and overwhelming. When we are faced with these kind of hurdles our first instinct is to trust ourselves and what we think we can do. We will try to solve these difficulties and then give up easily when we fail to come up with a good enough resolutions. Now back to the question – how are we suppose to overcome these hurdles? We overcome through Faith. Faith is the victory. We overcome through prayer. These are the basics. We overcome through the word. The word is the sword of the Spirit, through which we find victory through all these hurdles of life. This is how we overcome. As a basic Christian, we have personal devotions, that we are reading our Bible, and that we are praying and sharing our faith. These are the keys to victory. God is not expecting us to struggle alone. He is going to give us strength and at the same time He expects us to participate. It does require the investment of our human efforts to overcome. This human effort should be combined with divine power. But we must take the first initial steps of human effort. I would like to share something from Christ’s Object Lessons, “In everything that tends to the sustenance of man is seen the concurrence of the divine and human effort. There can be no reaping unless the human hand acts the part in sowing the seed. But without the agencies which God provides in giving sunshine and showers the dew and the clouds there would be no increase. Thus it is in every business pursuit, in every department of study in science. Thus it is in spiritual things, in the formation of character, and every line of Christian work we have a part to act, but we must have the power of divinity to unite with us or our efforts will be in vain.” If we would do our part, God will run to our aid and do something supernatural and amazing. We can overcome all hurdles through Christ who gives us strength.

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