Sharing Faith Without Fear

No I won’t be giving any reviews nor recommendations about this book. It just so happened that a mysterious old lady who I met today was carrying this book.

It is Saturday today, Sabbath for me and the rest of the SDA(Seventh-Day Adventists)humanity. I skipped going to my usual church and went to my default church again. Default church meaning it’s my second church and I go here whenever I am not able to make it to the church in Surrey wherein I am a member. And so I attended there today and after the service on my way back home, I again used the shorter route to the sky train. I passed through the Oakridge Mall and before I reach the door to the sky train an old woman stopped me. She asked for the food court location; however she did not wait for my answer but went on asking where I am originally from or something like that. So I said I am originally from the Philippines then the woman went on saying we are neighbours. That confused me for she did not look familiar. But she asked me if I know Borneo, it’s near the Philippines but she also mentioned Malaysia. So what she said about us being “neighbours” meant that our original countries are neighbours. Anyways, the “food court location” was forgotten and the woman went on talking to me for a few more minutes. Our conversation was vague because we were in the middle of the mall and people were coming from every where. She mentioned about the “power of now” and she even has the book with her. It was inside her grocery trolley bag. She took it out and showed me. I can’t help but informed her that I know what the book was about as well as the author. Then she went on asking me how did I know. I had to give her an answer and when I did it seem she was not satisfied and went on asking me again “how did I know?” So I was again forced to explain further. Deep inside I knew where the conversation was going and so wisdom told me to say my thing and go on my way.

I had to politely interrupt so I can let her know that I am a Christian and I even shared with her that I worship on Saturdays, on the Sabbath and I just came from church. It must be the Holy Spirit working in me because my normal is just to listen to people. But there in the middle of the mall I was explaining to that woman my faith, where it is based (I informed her our beliefs are all Bible based), and I even asked her if she knew about the new heaven and earth. Then I went on to suggest about reading the Bible. I was pretty sure that people around us (there were quite a few) could hear our conversation. I practically went on sharing my faith in the middle of Oakridge Mall. Now I think I just performed an amazing feat. Kudos to the Holy Spirit for giving me the words to say and for giving me the courage of conviction.

The woman’s parting words were – “You should feel the NOW!” In that moment in time I believe I was already living and feeling my Now. And my NOW was sharing my faith with her right there and then. God gave me my own “power of now” at that precise moment. And that has nothing to do about Eckhart Tolle’s book at all! 🙂

Photo Credit: Daily Verses

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