The Crisis of the Ages

It is a lazy Sunday and I’m spending a few minutes of my morning reading. I’d like to share with you a piece of what I had read so far. It’s from a very small book of Ellen G. White. A pocket book titled Christian Service and Counsels in Stewardship.

The Crisis of the Ages

We are standing on the threshold of the crisis of the ages. In quick succession the judgements of God will follow one another, – fire, and flood, and earthquake, with war and bloodshed. We are not to be surprised at this time by events both great and decisive; for the angel of mercy cannot remain much longer to shelter the impenitent. – Prophets and Kings, p. 278

The crisis is stealing gradually upon us. The sunshines in the heavens, passing over its usual round, and the heavens still declare the glory of God. Men are still eating and drinking, planting and building, marrying and giving in marriage. Merchants are still buying and selling. Men are jostling one against another, contending for the highest place. Pleasure lovers are still crowding to theatres, horse races, gambling hells. The highest excitement prevails, yet probations hour is fast closing, and every case is about to be eternally decided. Satan sees that his time is short. He has set all his agencies at work that men may be deceived, deluded, occupied, and entranced until the day of probation shall be ended, and the door of mercy forever shut. – Southern Watchman Oct. 3, 1905

I titled this blog Bright Blossoms, so therefore I am always sharing good, bright and positive ideas. So why am I writing about crisis? Because crisis can be turned into a new way forward. This is an opportunity for each and everyone of us to reflect and decide whose side we should be taking – Christ’s side or the enemy’s. The choice is always yours.

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